Originally Wingo Heights Baptist Church

In the summer of 1941, Evangelist Jim Warlick, from North Carolina, came to Spartanburg and put up his tent on the property of Reverend Grady Pace, Sr.  Evangelist Warlick preached for a few weeks and then the decision was made to keep having services under the tent on Sundays and Wednesdays.  Reverend Clyde Reece was elected Pastor upon organization of the church.  In the summer of 1943, plans were made to build Wingo Heights Baptist Church.  Revered Grady Pace, Sr. donated the land and the building was up and functioning before winter.  The original building had a sawdust floor and homemade benches.  Everyone that was able pitched in to help with the work.

In August 1944, Reverend Grady Lemmons came and held a Revival.  At the end of that meeting, Revered Reece resigned and Revered Lemmons was elected as Pastor.  Reverend Lemmons was so busy in evangelistic work, he did not have sufficient time to Pastor the church.  Therefore, he helped the church through the process of hiring Reverend Claude L. Campbell as Pastor in September of 1944.  He remained the Pastor for 30 years until May of 1974 when he retired.  Reverend Ray Lanford was elected Pastor in August of 1974.

Under the leadership of Pastor Lanford, Wingo Heights Baptist Church was relocated to its current location at 9261 Asheville Highway and renamed Harvest Baptist Church.  The new building was completed in 1978.  Pastor Lanford resigned in May of 1985 and the church called Pastor Terry McMillian in August of 1985.  Pastor McMillian Pastored the church for 38 years until he resigned in June of 2023.  Harvest Baptist Church called Evangelist Dustin Duke to be their Pastor in August of 2023 and Pastor Duke is the current Pastor of the church.